Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ACTION ALERT: UM's New President, Dr. Julio Frenk has arrived at the University of Miami. Now is the time to inform him, and the entire UM Board of Trustees, what YOU think about the recent sale of endangered land to a Walmart Developer

UM's New President, Dr. Julio Frenk has arrived at the University of Miami and is completing his first week as its' latest leader.

Think that's enough time to let him and the entire UM Board of Trustees know what YOU think about the recent sale of endangered land to a Walmart Developer? 

Here's a suggested letter to him and the Board to NOT sell anymore endangered land there and BUY BACK what they've already sold to give it back to the Public where it needs to be preserved forever.


Dear President Julio Frenk and the University of Miami Board of Trustees:

The Richmond Pine Rocklands, home to the University of Miami’s remaining South Campus properties, is the largest remaining Pine Rockland Habitat outside of Everglades National Park according to the United States Department of Interior.

It's become a “Lifeboat Habitat” after Pine Rocklands in South Florida have been reduced by over-development by 98%.

It’s home to more than a dozen rare and critically endangered plants and animals, which is why most of it is now protected under the U-S Endangered Species Act.

The Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition urges President Julio Frenk and the entire Board of Trustees to reconsider any additional land sales in this globally-imperiled Habitat and work towards Preserving and Restoring the entire Richmond Pine Rocklands as a Wildlife Preserve for future generations to enjoy.

In fact, the University of Miami Student Senate passed a bill last school year advocating against any further land sales in this area.

What a grand gesture it would be to settle this matter as you begin your tenure at this University. This wrong can be made whole.

Your’s Truly,


Office of the Secretary
University of Miami
P.O. Box 248042
Coral Gables, Florida 33124-2919
Phone: 305-284-4025
FAX: 305-284-2021
Vice President, General Counsel
and Secretary of the University
Aileen M. Ugalde
Assistant Secretary and Director of Operations
Leslie Dellinger Aceituno
Executive Assistant
Tatiana L. Kulhanjian
Administrative Assistant
Grace A. Castro
Board of Trustees:
Stuart Miller, Chairman
Richard Fain, Vice Chair
Hilarie Bass, Vice Chair
Senior Members
Michael I. Abrams
Betty G. Amos
Stanley H. Arkin
Jose P. Bared
Fred Berens
M. Anthony Burns
Charles E. Cobb
Edward A. Dauer Carlos M. de la Cruz, Sr.
George Feldenkreis
Phillip Frost
Phillip T. George
Thelma V.A. Gibson
Rose Ellen Greene
Arthur H. Hertz
David Kraslow
Regular Members:
Leonard Abess
Hilarie Bass
Jon Batchelor
Doyle N. Beneby1
Tracey P. Berkowitz
Joaquin F. Blaya
Marc A. Buoniconti
Alfred R. Camner
Wayne E. Chaplin
Paul J. DiMare
Joseph J. Echevarria, Jr.
David L. Epstein
Richard D. Fain
Barbara Hecht Havenick
Allan M. Herbert
Marilyn J. Holifield
Manuel Kadre
Bernard J. Kosar
Daniela Lorenzo2
Susan Lytle Lipton
Jayne Sylvester Malfitano
Robert A. Mann William L. Morrison
Judi Prokop Newman
Jorge M. Perez
Michael J. Piechoski1
Aaron S. Podhurst
Steven J. Saiontz
Laurie S. Silvers
H. T. Smith, Jr
Steven Sonberg
E. Roe Stamps, IV
Arva Parks McCabe
Ronald G. Stone
Patricia W. Toppel
David R. Weaver
G. Ed Williamson II
Thomas D. Wood

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