Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year / Renewed Efforts

New Year, New Renewed Effort to save our last 1.5% of local Pine Rocklands from being turned into a strip mall, high-density housing and amusement park.
Please join us on January 12th at our Tropical Audubon Partner's Doc Thomas House in South Miami at Sunset and SW 55th avenue.

Is Miami Dade getting ready to sign a deal with a local developer to begin plans for a massive amusement park in an endangered habitat?

PLUS Learn about our Jan.21 Field Trip to a South Dade Pine Rocklands that's normally CLOSED to the Public.

2017 could decide if the Remaining Richmond Pine Rocklands are allowed to be bulldozed, paved-over and developed into more traffic/life-hoking urban sprawl or restored for the dozens of endangered/rare plants and animals there.

NOW is NOT the time to slow down with our preservation efforts.

Al Sunshine
Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition, Inc.
Florida Non-Profit, 501(c) 3

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